The Science of Switch On

Resilient Nutrition

THE RATIONALE BEHIND SWITCH ON A huge number of us don’t look, feel or perform our best because we don’t routinely sleep well. There are many forms of sleep problems. Some sleep issues are common, such as recurrent sleep restriction (not getting as much sleep as needed) and “social jetlag” (shifting sleep times between workdays and work-free days). Other sleep problems are more debilitating, however, and these include 6 broad categories of sleep disorders (insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, sleep-related breathing disorders, sleep-related movement disorders, parasomnias, disorders of hypersomnolence). Perhaps unsurprisingly, some sleep problems have been exacerbated by COVID-19 lockdowns....

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High Altitude Nutrition: A Primer

Greg Potter

On the morning of 31st May 2021, Resilient Nutrition athletes Adri Brownlee and Dan Dowding stood on top of the world. After years anticipating the moment, they’d finally realised their dreams and climbed Everest. Determination, careful planning, and expert guidance from Nims Dai and the Elite Exped team of experienced mountaineers and guides led them to the summit, but their preparation was instrumental too, a key component of which was their nutrition. Since the Resilient Nutrition team supported Adri and Dan before and during their Everest expedition, in this blog we’ll cover some of the nutrition strategies the two of...

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