High Altitude Nutrition: A Primer

Greg Potter

On the morning of 31st May 2021, Resilient Nutrition athletes Adri Brownlee and Dan Dowding stood on top of the world. After years anticipating the moment, they’d finally realised their dreams and climbed Everest. Determination, careful planning, and expert guidance from Nims Dai and the Elite Exped team of experienced mountaineers and guides led them to the summit, but their preparation was instrumental too, a key component of which was their nutrition. Since the Resilient Nutrition team supported Adri and Dan before and during their Everest expedition, in this blog we’ll cover some of the nutrition strategies the two of...

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Sailing round the world, running the length of the UK, K2 winter expedition, and cross ocean rows

Charlotte Halkyard

To celebrate International Women’s Day, it seemed like a very deserved time to shine the spotlight on some of the incredible women we have supported over the last year.    Pip Hare, single-handed ocean racing sailor, Vendeé Globe  Pip has a professional sailing career which spans 25 years, she has sailed most of the world’s oceans, has two world first endurance records, and is the winner of multiple international yacht races. In February 2021, she became only the eighth female to ever complete the Vendée Globe, crossing the finish line after 95 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes and 30 seconds at...

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