The human body is astonishingly resilient...


Life on Earth has evolved over several billion years. During this process evolution has produced a wonderful diversity of living beings, each of which has progressed through a huge number of iterations to tailor it to survive in its ecological niche. Some organisms fare better than others, and we humans have in many ways been uniquely successful - so successful in fact that we now live in the Anthropocene, a period in which our species is strongly affecting ecosystems and the climate across the globe. It is in no small part the resilience of human biology that has allowed us to flourish in this way.

But the human body is not bulletproof.

Paradoxically, as our species has started to dominate the planet it has in some ways become less resilient. Despite continued progress in modern medicine, human life expectancy has recently dwindled in countries such as the UK and USA. Much of this is driven by the COVID-19 crisis, but trends in many other modern maladies aren’t encouraging – the prevalence of overweight and obesity is rising, more and more people are afflicted by heart disease, diabetes and cancer, the mental health of many of us has deteriorated of late, and the dreary list goes on.

A hugely complex array of interacting factors accounts for these troubling trends. One thing is clear, however: Smart changes in people’s lifestyles can rapidly and potently increase human resilienceand ward off much chronic disease. Unsurprisingly, the lifestyle changes required to achieve this mirror many aspects of how our distant ancestors used to live. However, at Resilient Nutrition we believe we can use science to lift how we feel and function above what was possible before the modern era. Relatively simple, science-informed changes to how you eat, drink, move, sleep and interact with others can dramatically improve how you feel and function each day. If we could all make some of these changes, global health would likely be quickly overhauled, and the world we live in might be a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

One of the issues that complicates this process of changing our lifestyles, however, is that nowadays it can seem as if one day scientists say something is good for you but then the next day they say it isn’t, as has been true of the reported health effects of coffee, wine and fish. The resulting confusion erodes trust in what scientists say about healthy nutrition, leaving people susceptible to misinformation and disinformation propagated by salespeople who have conflicts of interest.

Against this background, at Resilient Nutrition we aim to empower you with knowledge and products that bolster your resilience and help you realise your potential.

We combine best-in-class, convenient, delicious foods and drinks with no-nonsense education about to modify your lifestyle to boost your energy, lift your spirits, sharpen your mind, improve your physique, raise your physical fitness and ward off the diseases of modernity that are now so rife.

We help you to cut through the hype to unveil what really matters in your journey to better health and higher performance.

And we want to make the whole process as enjoyable and sustainable for you as possible.


There are lots of substances you can ingest that will make you feel better more or less immediately. Maybe you reach for a tasty treat when you’re stressed out or bored. Perhaps you double up on stimulants when you’re tired. You might even have tried “smart drugs” that amped your energy and focus so much that you then needed sleeping pills to switch off at night. These types of short-term interventions are seductive in how quickly they act, but they come with adverse consequences when they are withdrawn. And when you repeatedly give in to them, you could soon end up depending on them just to feel somewhat normal. 

There is a better way.

Resilient Nutrition products contain precision doses of the best ingredients to boost your wellbeing and performance by supporting your body’s systems, not overriding them. This makes Resilient Nutrition products good for you in the short term, and good for you in the long term. In fact, some of the positive effects of Resilient Nutrition products accumulate over time with repeated use. We deliver these special ingredients in delicious, practical, familiar formats, not just pills, and the Resilient Nutrition team spends a lot of time perfecting the flavours of its products. The results are products that taste so good that adding them to your daily routine is a pleasure, not a chore. 


All of us struggle with different health and performance issues, some of which vary across different timescales. Maybe you find your joint pain is worse around the nighttime. Perhaps your mood dips in winter. Or it could be your main health hassle today is weight gain, whereas 5 years ago it was a nagging injury. We each need different things at different times, so the Resilient Nutrition team isn’t confining itself to just cranking out one or two types of products. Instead, Resilient Nutrition is developing a system of products and protocols to uphold robust health and performance throughout the lifespan. This system will target the most burdensome health and performance complaints people experience at different ages, and the system will be personalised so that it guides you to just what you need based on factors such as your goals, age, biological sex and dietary preferences.