The Science of Switch On


A huge number of us don’t look, feel or perform our best because we don’t routinely sleep well. There are many forms of sleep problems. Some sleep issues are common, such as recurrent sleep restriction (not getting as much sleep as needed) and “social jetlag” (shifting sleep times between workdays and work-free days). Other sleep problems are more debilitating, however, and these include 6 broad categories of sleep disorders (insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, sleep-related breathing disorders, sleep-related movement disorders, parasomnias, disorders of hypersomnolence). Perhaps unsurprisingly, some sleep problems have been exacerbated by COVID-19 lockdowns.

While each sleep problem is unique, there’s substantial overlap between the health and performance consequences of many forms of sleep disruption, and it seems likely that recurrent sleep disruption negatively affects all aspects of health – the function of the brain, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, reproductive system (in both women and men), immune system, digestive system, and musculoskeletal system are all compromised.

Against this backdrop, we developed Switch On.

To our knowledge, Switch On is the only nutrition product that was formulated specifically to comprehensively support the function of all bodily systems, even when not sleeping well. Switch On contains clinically-proven doses of ingredients shown to help target many of the processes that are detrimentally affected by poor sleep. Here are just a few examples:

Even if you are sleeping well, Switch On can still help you be at your cognitive and physical best, both now and in the long term. After all, many of the studies on Switch On’s ingredients have shown beneficial effects in people who do sleep well.