Multi Day Sandy (MDS) Ration Pack


Multi day events are regarded as some of the toughest foot races on the planet. Sustaining life in extreme environments can be challenging in itself but covering distances up to 250km across deserts, self supported, with little help from organisers on the way, ensuring you have sufficient and the right kind of fuel is essential.

This pack is designed for Multi Day Sandy (MDS) events where race organisers will set an arbitrary figure for the minimum amounts of energy participants must carry. Whilst these numbers may be the race requirements, they may not be optimal for the outcome you are seeking. Few race organisers provide justification for the energy requirements for their races and our recommendation is to always carry out a thorough assessment of the race profile considering your own anthropometric profile and athletic age. 

This pack provides just over 14,000 kcal and assumes a 7 day race therefore providing around 2,000 kcal to use each day. We have also assumed that you will have clean, potable water provided by organisers or you expect to have the ability to replenish your water supplies on the way. 

Our MDS pack is minimalist by design as weight is absolutely critical and you may want to adjust or supplement it to fit your own needs and preferences. You may want to supplement this pack with additional items such as dehydrated or freeze dried meals or use it as a starting point to create your own custom menu.

We have designed and delivered many nutrition plans for athletes taking part in Multi Day Sandy events in hot, arid and austere environments and can provide event specific coaching and custom nutrition plan development. You can find out more here

Each 3.4kg pack includes the following items and provides 14,098 kcal (58,986 kJ):

Base Fuel High Protein Porridge (7)

Long Range Fuel Emergency Survival Ration (3)

Long Range Fuel Energy Bars (7)

Real Meal Bars (7)

Isotonic Electrolyte Drink Mix (14)

Caffeinated Energy Chews (7)

We recommend you read our guide on how to prepare for and fuel an ultramarathon before finalising your nutrition plan for the event. You can download it for free here.

You can also download our Multi Day Sandy (MDS) Ration Planner here

Resilient Nutrition Multi Day Sandy Ration Nutritional Information

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