TWAC Emergency Rations


The amount of Emergency Rations you are required to have for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge are based on:

- The number of people in your crew
- The number of declared meals per day you are planning to consumed (this is typically 3)
- The number of days your crossing is expected to take based on the number of people in your crew

Your emergency rations are measured in meals or meal equivalents. 10% of your total meal requirement for the crossing must be race compliant emergency meals i.e. not dehydrated or freeze dried meals which require water to be consumed.

50% of the emergency ration items must consist of pre-cooked, ready to eat, wet meals. The remaining 50% can be made up of Resilient Nutrition Long Range Fuel, Emergency Survival Ration and Real Meal Bars.

You are not permitted to use your Emergency Rations supply without first notifying the Race Safety Officers. We recommend that all your Emergency Rations are stowed together in a waterproof bag that can be grabbed easily if and when required.

Best practice in an emergency is to remain as alert and focused as possible until you are out of immediate danger. This can be difficult when you are tired or the incident happens during the night. As a result, we suggest that in addition to rations you have a supply of 300-600mg caffeine per person in the form of gums or chews.

Developed based on real world experience of the nutrition required in emergency and survival situations. These packs have been designed to meet the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge race requirements whilst also being super lightweight, highly energy dense, functional and morale boostingly tasty.

Packs include the following items:

- Wayfayrer Foods Ready to Eat Meals - included to meet race requirements.

-  Resilient Nutrition Emergency Survival Ration - each 284g pouch represents 3 meal replacements and is the lightest, most cost effective way to meet race requirements. 

- Resilient Nutrition High Protein Nut Butter - each 100g pouch represents 1 meal replacement and provides a versatile, meal replacement solution in a resealable pouch that has been proven at sea numerous times. Each ration pack contains at least 1 pouch per person per pack. 

- Real Meal Bars - these 150g bars provide complete nutrition and are far more effective and reliable that the traditional maritime ration bar which disintegrates in contact with water. These bars are complete nutrition and contain the required amounts of vitamins and minerals to support health. They also taste great. Each ration pack contains at least 1 bar per person per pack. 

- Blockhead Caffeinated Chewing Gum - each piece contains 50mg caffeine. Consuming this amount of caffeine per hour for the first 6-7 hours of an emergency or during the night can help you start alert and focused. 

You can download our TWAC Emergency Rations calculator here



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