Performance Assessment & Plan


Our individual performance assessment and planning offering gives you the peace of mind that you have selected the best possible approach to your physical and nutritional preparation for whatever challenge you are taking on.

Our team of experienced human performance coaches and nutritionists will take you through the same process we have used with professional athletes, the military and record breaking adventurers to identify the optimal combination of interventions to help you achieve your goal. 

During the session we will:

  • Assess your expedition, adventure or challenges to better understand the demands it will put on you physically and mentally.
  • Identify and agree your performance goals to be ready to take on your challenge.
  • Develop an integrated performance development strategy covering physical training, nutrition training and planning, sleep, rest and recovery planning.
  • Identify appropriate mental fitness interventions that may improve your preparedness.
  • Develop an event specific nutrition plan to maximise your performance on the day.

Each purchase includes up to 2 consultations with one of our qualified instructors as well as virtual support by email and phone for 60 days following the delivery of your plan.

If you wish to extend the training and coaching support beyond this initial period we can arrange this separately. 

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your initial consultation. We can normally offer consultations within 72 hours of purchase. 

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