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Unlock your peak potential with our performance coaching subscription. Designed for individuals and teams, this comprehensive training and development programme is based on the 8 Dimensions of Optimal Human Performance across both MIND and BODY domains. 

The MIND domain focuses on psychological fitness - the integration and optimisation of mental, emotional and behavioural abilities to optimise and strengthen performance. It includes lessons and activities on: 

  • PURPOSE - knowing and believing in the ‘why’ of what you are doing.
  • MINDSET - understanding the critical importance of positive thinking and ability to reframe difficult tasks from a ‘threat’ to a ‘challenge’.
  • COMMUNITY - developing strong social cohesion that provides the emotional and psychological support that is known to be a force multiplier.
  • EFFECT - delivering effect is about identifying your most important goals and then executing them in the midst of the daily ‘whirlwind’ of life - at home as well as work.

The BODY domain focuses on physical fitness - establishing the state of being physically healthy, fit, and capable of performing the daily activities required for work and play with ease and efficiency. It includes lessons and activities on:

  • EXERCISE – structured physical activity to improve cardiovascular health, build muscular strength and endurance, enhance flexibility, and support a healthy body weight.
  • NUTRITION - providing the body with essential nutrients to support energy levels, muscle function, and overall health.
  • SLEEP - allowing the body to recover, repair and recharge as well as support essential brain functions such as memory consolidation, learning and problem-solving.
  • ENVIRONMENT - establishing and maintaining supportive and safe spaces for exercise, work, restful sleep and social connections.

Our team of experienced coaches and nutritionists will take you through a structured programme starting with initial baselining and identification of goals followed by a structured programme to implement and sustain the optimal combination of interventions to help you achieve your goal. 

    Each purchase includes an initial assessment from which we will develop an individual or team development strategy including custom physical training routines, nutritional planning, personalised development workshops, establishment of appropriate work and recovery protocols plus ongoing monitoring.

    You will receive at least two personal or team workshops per month with one of our experienced instructors plus one individual progamming session per team member. All team members will have access to email and chat support 7 days per week. 

    We suggest you plan to commit at least 3 months to the programme to give sufficient time for the interventions to take effect benefits but you are free to cancel at any time. 

    Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your initial consultation. We can normally offer consultations within 72 hours of purchase. 

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