BASE FUEL | Real Meal Bar


Do more. Go further. Don't stop.

Real Meal is a comprehensive meal replacement bar. Using only the finest natural ingredients, they have been formulated to deliver a complete macro- and micro-nutrient profile to support all round health, physical performance and sustained activity on the move.

They come in 4 delicious flavours:

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Cacao + Peanut Butter

Double Espresso + Hazelnut

Blueberry + Almond

The Double Espresso + Hazelnut flavour contains 160mg of caffeine to support alertness and exercise performance.


Nutritional Information - Pink Himalayan Sea Salt + Caramel - Real Meal Bar
Nutritional Information - Cacao + Peanut Butter - Real Meal Bar
Nutritional Information - Double Espresso + Hazelnut - Real Meal Bar
Nutritional Information - Blueberry + Almond - Real Meal Bar

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