Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Snack Pack


Expeditions are challenging and unpredictable. Explorers and adventurers are required to master a range of functional and technical skills and apply them in the most challenging environments, concurrently executing multiple cognitive and physically demanding tasks.

Your nutrition strategy needs to consider individual nutritional requirements or preferences, expedition phases and duration, effort profiles and the implications of weather, atmosphere and environment.

We have designed and delivered many nutrition solutions for explorers, adventurers and military units operating in Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) environments and provide coaching and custom solution development. You can find out more here

Our ECW Snack Pack is designed to provide the lightest, most energy and nutrient dense combination of items that can be consumed easily with the typical constraints of this type of expedition.  

Each 595g pack includes the following items and provides 2,456 kcal (12,159 kJ):

Long Range Fuel High Protein Nut Butter (1)

Long Range Fuel Energy Bars (3)

Long Range Fuel Nut Bars (2)

Long Range Fuel Protein Nut Bars (2)

Real Meal Bars (1)

Isotonic Electrolyte Drink Mix (1)

Caffeinated Energy Chews (1)

You may want to supplement this pack with additional items such as High Protein Porridges, dehydrated or freeze dried meals, additional hot drinks, multi-vitamins etc to provide a complete menu. 

You can also download our ECW Ration Planner here

Resilient Nutrition Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Snack Pack Nutritional Information

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