LONG RANGE | High Protein Nut Bar


Our protein nut bars provide a balanced combination of carbohydrate and fat with an added boost of plant based protein to support sustained activities and are a truly satisfying pick-me-up to enjoy any time of day.

Protein nut bars are a great source of fibre, are gluten free, soya free, suitable for vegetarians and contain no added colours or preservatives. 

Peanut and Chocolate protein nut bars contain 228 kcal per 45g bar made up of 15g fat, 13g carbohydrate and 9.1g protein. 

Peanut and Salted Caramel bars contain 231 kcal per 45g bar made up of 14g fat, 14g carbohydrate and 9.1g protein. 


Long Range Fuel Protein Nut Bar - Peanut Chocolate Nutritional Values
Long Range Fuel Peanut & Salted Caramel Protein Nut Bar Nutritional Values

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