Resilient Nutrition was born with COVID. We were founded on 1st April (no jokes) 2020 and in the face of some pretty stiff headwinds we managed to get our first retail products on sale by the end of July. 

We had to find a way to keep moving and operating whilst keeping our partners, team and customers safe so having a bit of a penchant for the odd ultra-run we went to an old favourite. One of the most versatile pieces of kit available - the Multi Function Headwear.

It's a facemask, scarf, headband, wristband, hat, sweat rag, scrunchy (works on manbuns and pony tails), alice band, blindfold, cloth to wipe down the turbo trainer, thing to clear the windscreen on the camper, it's the ultimate tip of the hat to being adaptable, fast and light.