Flavour: Coffee & Pecan, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, Cinnamon & Cashew, Coconut & Almond, Gingerbread
Size: 12 x 100g pouch
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The Off Grid contains the widest selection of all the Long Range Fuel bundles and is designed to provide a versatile solution for those longer trips into the hills or to replenish supplies in the office, the camper or at home. It includes each of our 5 epic flavours - Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, Coffee & Pecan, Cinnamon & Cashew, Gingerbread and Coconut & Almond as well as each of our variants from Energise to Calm and Rebuild.

Energise Long Range Fuel contains added caffeine which enhances endurance, strength, power, and intermittent sprint exercise performance. L-theanine (an amino acid in tea) is the perfect complement to caffeine, reducing anxiety and promoting focus.

Calm variants contain KSM-66 Ashwagandha®. Regular Ashwagandha intake builds endurance exercise capacity, speeds the rate at which people gain muscle and strength during resistance training, and also reduces anxiety and helps people better cope with stress.

Rebuild Long Range Fuel contains our custom blend of whey protein isolate and L-leucine. This epic combo delivers a highly anabolic amino acid profile that promotes muscle growth, helps control appetite, and supports immune function.

With 12 x 100g pouches it's perfect to get you through a multi-day event, to refill your gym bag or prep the camper for a grand tour. Great on their own as a snack or an awesome partner for breakfast, lunch or dinner, pouches are resealable to you can go back for a top up whenever you feel peckish.  

All versions of Long Range Fuel are gluten free, vegetarian and paleo friendly! Calm and Energise are also vegan friendly.

If you add one of our Terracycle returns envelopes, we'll turn your used pouches into something useful.

The Off Grid contains the following versions of Long Range Fuel:


Coffee & Pecan Energise

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Energise


Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Energise & Rebuild


Decaf Coffee & Pecan Rebuild

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Rebuild

Cinnamon & Cashew Rebuild

Gingerbread Rebuild


Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Calm & Rebuild

Cinnamon & Cashew Calm & Rebuild


Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Calm

Cinnamon & Cashew Calm

Keto Coconut & Almond Calm

Click on the links for ingredients and nutritional information for each version.


Use Energise Long Range Fuel when you really need to perform at your physical and/or mental peak – whether you’re pushing for a PB or need to be sharp for a presentation at work.

Use Calm Long Range Fuel at any time of the day. It’s ideally suited to those times when you’re feeling a bit worked up or otherwise just want to stay calm.

Use Rebuild Long Range Fuel at any time of day or night. The added protein makes it a perfect meal replacement.

Long Range Fuel isn't just ideal for fuelling exercise, it makes it an ideal dip at your desk, spread on rice cakes or toast, ingredient in baking, or snack straight from the pouch… but if no one is looking, our favourite is a big spoonful (or three) straight from the jar!

Want to know the best version of Long Range fuel for your activity? Use our calculator for a specific recommendation based on your weight, duration of activity and intensity of exercise.