"When running long distances, it is crucial you have a reliable source of energy. Long Range Fuel is not only diverse in its range of products but in its application. I have relied on it when running in the remote highlands, arctic circle, rainforests of Peru and deserts of Namibia. It excels just as well in the wilderness as it does in my kitchen at home. Put simply, it’s a range of products that any endurance athlete should consider. Don’t even get me started on science behind it all!"

Kris King, Race Director, Beyond the Ultimate


Exercise-induced gastrointestinal problems (AKA danger pants) are very common in ultra runners, with more than half reporting severe digestive symptoms. So how can Long Range Fuel help you?

Long Range Fuel isn't a whole food but instead a nut butter. As it's been in part pre-digested, which makes it easier for you to consume and amazingly, it also increases the number of calories that your body can get out of the nuts…ideal when you're burning a high number of calories! 

Many ultra-runners experience large swings in their energy levels, often caused by relying on very high carbohydrate products such as energy gels. The composition of Long Range Fuel in terms of protein carbohydrates and fats means this is less likely to be an issue!