"When running long distances, it is crucial you have a reliable source of energy. Long Range Fuel is not only diverse in its range of products but in its application. I have relied on it when running in the remote highlands, arctic circle, rainforests of Peru and deserts of Namibia. It excels just as well in the wilderness as it does in my kitchen at home. Put simply, it’s a range of products that any endurance athlete should consider. Don’t even get me started on science behind it all!"

Kris King, Race Director, Beyond the Ultimate


If you’re a low-carb runner or ultra-runner who needs to carry your nutrition while running, you should give Long Range Fuel a go! 

Because it’s based on nuts, Long Range Fuel is low in carbohydrate and contains lots of calories in a lightweight format, so it’s perfect for self-supported running. 

The nuts in Long Range Fuel have been pre-digested, making them easier to consume, reducing the likelihood of digestive problems (danger pants!) while running, and increasing the number of calories that your body can get out of the nuts.  

The composition of Long Range Fuel also helps keep your energy levels stable while running, which a lot of runners struggle with.