LONG RANGE FUEL | High Protein Nut Butter


Long Range Fuel is a delicious, versatile, protein-packed nut butter. This record-breaking product was designed as the go-to snack for self-supported endurance athletes but it's also great at home, in the gym, in the car or at the office. 

  • Ideal energy-dense snack, Long Range Fuel nut butter is perfect for sustained nutrition on the move e.g. hiking, climbing, running, cycling, rowing.
  • Use it as you would any other nut butter, add it to cereal or granola, spread it on a rice cake or toast, or eat it straight from the pack.
  • Added protein makes it ideal if you value your strength and muscle mass and want to keep hunger at bay.

    Based on real food, its key ingredients include:


      Mixed nut butter with cocoa, orange oil, added whey protein and l-leucine

      Ingredients: Almonds, cashews, sugar, whey protein concentrate (milk), cocoa powder (7.5%), l-leucine, coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, salt, orange oil (0.3%)

      For allergens see ingredients in bold.

      Nutritional Information (per 100g):

      Long Range Fuel High Protein Nut Butter Nutritional Values


      Mixed nut butter with cinnamon, ginger, added brown rice protein, pea protein, l-leucine and l-theanine.

      Ingredients: Almonds, cashews, sugar, brown rice protein, coconut oil, pea protein, l-leucine, cinnamon (2%), sunflower lecithin, salt, ground ginger (0.4%), l-theanine

      For allergens see ingredients in bold.

      Nutritional Information (per 100g):

      Long Range Fuel Chocolate High Protein Nut Butter Nutritional Information


      New Long Range Fuel makes a great dip at your desk, spread on rice cakes or toast, ingredient in baking, or snack straight from the pouch. 

      Use at any time of day as a snack. We often use a pouch if we aren't able to grab a proper meal when we're on the move. 

      Store in a cool (12C-20C), dry place, Once opened, consume within 3 months.

      Before use, invert and knead the pack to mix the contents well. This helps with the natural oil separation that happens with nut butters. 

      Consume one mouthful at a time. At first, consuming nut butters on the move can be a bit overwhelming - don't panic - pause and allow the saliva in your mouth to start to loosen up the paste and swallow gently. You might want to try small mouthfuls first.

      Wash down with fluids if required. 

      Once you have finished your pouch of Long Range Fuel, check with your local authority on how to recycle locally first, or use our free Terracycle returns envelope and we will recycle it for you. 

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