Resilient Nutrition ambassador, Pip Hare, completes Vendée Globe

In the early hours of the 12th February 2021, Pip Hare crossed the finish line of the Vendée Globe solo round the world race in an incredible 95 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes and 30 seconds. Pips achievement not only makes her the first British skipper to finish the 20/21 race, but she is also only the eighth female to ever complete the Vendée Globe.

To put that into perspective, more people have walked on the moon, than females have completed the Vendée Globe. And now, very deservedly, Pip Hare’s name will be added to that list.

We started working with Pip in the spring of 2020, focussing on her nutrition, sleep, and strength training, as well as designing an on-board meal plan that would help her boost performance and general wellbeing at sea. What became clear early on, was not only Pip’s determination and commitment to becoming the best athlete she could be, but it was also her positive and cheerful approach to every aspect of the journey.

“From the start, working with Pip has been a delight. Despite being about the busiest person I know, she takes everything in her stride with characteristic energy and enthusiasm.” – Greg Potter, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Resilient Nutrition

This energy and enthusiasm hasn’t dwindled over the last three months. The cheerful daily reports and positive video messages that have been coming in from Pip on Medallia, have captured the hearts and attention of everyone following the Vendée Globe.

Veteran French ocean racer Jean Le Cam, who finished fourth in this race, described Hare as “a ray of sunshine, what she is doing in incredible,”. Swiss skipper Bernard Stamm, who built Hare’s boat over 20 years ago, described her as “my hero”.

Pip’s race wasn’t all plain sailing though (excuse the pun…), and she certainly had her fair share of setbacks, including a painful Doldrums crossing, losing one of her hydrogenators, wind sensor failures (meaning she had no accurate wind information), and a crack in the port rudder stock. How Pip dealt with it though?

“...I put my big girl pants on and went looking for a solution” 

Pip’s mental strength and resilience is something to be desired, never seeming to panic in the face of adversity, or looking at difficult situations with anything but a practical and positive approach. It is certainly an incredible quality to admire. In her post-race interview, it appears Pip’s drive has only increased whilst competing in this year’s Vendée Globe.

“I just love being at sea, I love it, it is where I belong”

And when asked if she is done with the Vendée Globe…

“No way, not at all, 2024, I have to come back, now I have seen it and I know what to expect, now I know where I can improve. Also, it is an incredible race, it is amazing, it stretches you so much as a person, why would you not want to do it again?”

Exactly Pip, why would we not want to do it all again?