Resilient Nutrition to partner with Walking With The Wounded in Christmas campaign

Resilient Nutrition have partnered with Walking With The Wounded to support their annual Christmas campaign, Walking Home For Christmas. As part of the event, Resilient Nutrition will be hosting our own event '12 miles of Christmas' encouraging as many participants as possible to walk 12 miles, on the 12th December.

Walking Home For Christmas is Walking With The Wounded's annual, nationwide walking challenge which aims to raise money to continue their work with the NHS, who support ex-military and their families who are in urgent need of mental health care.

“The coronavirus has created huge challenges for Walking With The Wounded as a charity. All our events have been postponed, except Walking Home For Christmas. In spite of everything, we continue to support ex-military on a daily basis so they can thrive once more. And with the support of innovative companies like Resilient Nutrition we can continue to deliver this support throughout this crisis - especially to those who are vulnerable and at risk of withdrawing further during this time of increased isolation. Thank you to everyone who gets involved and tackles 12 miles on 12 December.” - Ed Parker, CEO of Walking With The Wounded

Resilient Nutrition are aiming to encourage as many people as possible to sign up and get walking. This could be solo, with families or in a small (socially distanced) team. Walk home, somewhere important to you, or just explore somewhere new.

The partnership was brought together by the Resilient Nutrition sports marketing agency, The Athlete Media Group, who have a long-standing relationship with Walking With The Wounded and previously supported events such as the 2016 and 2017 Marathon des Sables, previous Walking Home For Christmas campaigns and are supporting the 2021 Walk of Oman.

“The amazing work Walking With The Wounded do is crucial and critical to the mental health of military veterans and their families. Their annual Walking Home for Christmas campaign was a perfect fit for Resilient Nutrition given your Long Range Fuel capabilities and the military personal you have partnered with on your journey so far. This hugely meaningful connection will help raise valuable funds at a time when Covid-19 has hugely increased the challenges they face.” – Mark Middlemas, CEO & Founder, The Athlete Media Group

We’re aiming to raise a minimum of £10,000 and would love your help in doing so. Head over to the Resilient Nutrition 12 Miles of Christmas page, sign up, and start getting those practice miles in!

To go one further, Resilient Nutrition Co-founder and CEO Ali Macdonald will be completing 12 consecutive days of ‘12 Miles for Christmas’ from 9th-20th December, each day joined by a different business leader and supporter of Walking With The Wounded. If you fancy joining him on one of the days, get in touch.

"Walking and talking is one of the most powerful way’s I’ve found to clear the mind and create the space we all need to feel and operate at our best. This time of year, when the nights are drawing in, and it’s getting cold outside, can be very difficult for so many people, especially this year and especially for veterans. I hope that our 12 miles of Christmas events allow more people to talk and find the support they need to find a way forward together." – Ali Macdonald, CEO & Co-founder, Resilient Nutrition