The Science of Switch On

Resilient Nutrition

THE RATIONALE BEHIND SWITCH ON A huge number of us don’t look, feel or perform our best because we don’t routinely sleep well. There are many forms of sleep problems. Some sleep issues are common, such as recurrent sleep restriction (not getting as much sleep as needed) and “social jetlag” (shifting sleep times between workdays and work-free days). Other sleep problems are more debilitating, however, and these include 6 broad categories of sleep disorders (insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, sleep-related breathing disorders, sleep-related movement disorders, parasomnias, disorders of hypersomnolence). Perhaps unsurprisingly, some sleep problems have been exacerbated by COVID-19 lockdowns....

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Fuel for the Work Required: A Game Changer for Endurance Athletes?

Adam McDonald

Here at Resilient Nutrition we’re all about using cutting-edge science to maximise performance - after all, it’s the foundation we’ve built our products on. In today’s blog we’re bringing you insights into how you can make dramatic improvements to your endurance through nutritional “periodisation” strategies used by professional athletes. These methods are based on a concept known as “fuel for the work required”.   Key takeaways Chronic consumption of a low-carbohydrate diet can impair endurance performance. Instead, to maximise the ability to use both fat and carbohydrate during training, carbohydrate periodisation is recommended. Even ultra-endurance athletes are likely to benefit from...

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